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ISLSP Welcomes New Executive Director
& Due Diligence/Vetting Committee Chair

ISLSP welcomes Dr. Wai-Keung Tang , President of Kappa Life Corporation.  ISLSP is proud to have Dr. Tang as part of its leadership team to assist ISLSP meet investor requirements for education, best-practices and assure access to top industry professionals.

As President of Kappa Life, a consulting firm that specializes in mortality arbitrage trading (life settlement and its derivative), Dr. Tang’s focus has been on formulating the best practices for the Life Settlement industry.  Dr. Tang is also the co-founder and President of Insurance Risk Integration Institute (IRI Institute), a not-for-profit organization, to promote research, adoption and application of risk integration methodologies by regulators, rating agencies, insurance companies and other financial services companies. While at Seabury Insurance Capital, he successfully raised $63 million through the securitization of a life settlement bond, which was granted aa- from A.M. Best.  Dr. Tang holds a Ph.D. in elementary particle physics from Columbia University.

is pleased to announce that Barry Horvick , President of Corporate Intelligence Researchers, Inc., which he founded in 1989, will be serving as the Chair of ISLSP's Due Diligence & Vetting Committee.  During the past twenty years, Mr. Horvick has managed over 2,000 background investigations of senior executives for venture funds and investment bankers and overseen hundreds of domestic and international patent infringement investigations. Mr. Horvick has assisted creditors in enforcing large judgments and is an expert in competitive intelligence.  Mr. Horvick is a graduate of the University of Chicago and attended the George Washington University School of Law.

"The industry needs Due Diligence Standards and Guidelines education and access to resources that assist in addressing the vetting of members and ensuring that their operations are responsible and legitimate and to a reasonable extent are standardized.  ISLSP would be a perfect vehicle for promulgating such a policy - many industries and professions operate in this manner because the self-policing aspects of such policies often limit regulatory intrusion, although regulators are an important part of the process."

ISLSP's Panel at IQPC's 5th Life Settlements & Longevity Summit - April 28th

"Protecting Investors with Risk Assessment & Due Diligence Best-Practices"
BARRY HORVICK: Due diligence and vetting to satisfy fiduciary obligations
2) JIM TURNEY: Establishing guidelines for forward-looking IRR projections
3) GREGG HUMPHRY: Developing methodologies for business risk assessment and mitigation


- Moderated and led by Dr. Tang / focus group format preparing for April IQPC Summit
- Inviting industry participation / review and finalize investor best-practices

March 15th, 1PM ET

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